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Gun Control – Psychotic circles


Just over a month since the slaughter at Sandy Hook, the arguments over US gun control are already slipping out of the media. Reporters all around the world went into meltdown as they reported the brutal slaying of 20 children and 6 teachers but little has been mentioned of the 900 or so other lives that have been taken in gun crime in the following month. 900 in a month!

As a foreigner many Americans will think me unqualified to comment but hey, tough. I am absolutely sick of reading the same old  pro-gun arguments.

“You could kill someone with a stick. Should we ban sticks?”

No! Of course we shouldn’t ban sticks. Sticks can’t kill a room full of people in 3 seconds. Sticks can’t slice limbs from bodies from 100 feet away.

“Guns don’t kill people, people kill people”

Last year guns killed 48 in Japan, 8 in the UK, 34 in Switzerland, 52 in Canada and 10,728 in the United States of America. If pro-gun campaigners don’t think this had anything to do with the fact that the USA has the highest level of gun ownership, what was it? Are they saying that they have more citizens that are naturally predisposed murder? Guns may not kill people but they sure as hell make it a damn sight easier.

The thought that an item only becomes dangerous in someones hands so all should be trusted is ridiculous  By the same argument, would the pro-gun campaigners mind if we equipped all americans with anthrax or chemical weapons?

“Our second amendment right makes it our duty to be prepared to overthrow our government”

Regardless of your firepower or how powerful your semi-automatic weapon makes you feel, how long do ou think you would last against you highly equipped and highly trained military. Your secluded ranch that you’ve prepared ahead of the final days could be wiped off the map by just one of your country’s heavily armed drones.

Don’t hide behing your constitutional rights. The USA outlawed fully automatic weapons in 1934 and the world didn’t end.

The families of the Newtown slaying deserve to be in your thoughts, they deserve to influence how you feel about gun control. But spare a thought for the 900 others that have also breathed their last this month as a result of gun crime.

I don’t have any expectation that guns will ever be eliminated from American life, they are too deeply engrained in the nation’s psyche and culture. However, if there is no change, no reduction in the number of semi automatic weapons they will continue to spin in psychotic circles from one slaying to the next.


2 comments on “Gun Control – Psychotic circles

  1. gunpilot64
    January 19, 2013

    You are an idiot. 30+ thousand people are killed each year in motor vehicle accidents, where is the outcry? What about all those poor innocent children murdered during abortion procedures?

    • quackecho
      January 20, 2013

      I appreciate you taking the time to feedback even if you’ve allowed anger to get the better of you. Your clear position on this and the arguments you use just re-enforce my point that the same tired old points are being used in an attempt to divert from the real issues.

      Quite apart from the fact that there is a constant campaign to make people drive more carefully, I’m certain that 30,000 people weren’t deliberately slaughtered with cars. You are confusing accidents and deliberate acts of violence.

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